The USACC Foundation is a nonprofit operating foundation that focuses its efforts on offering educational programs and business development opportunities for individual African immigrant entrepreneurs and local African Chambers of Commerce throughout the country.

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To Accelerate the development of African businesses, entrepreneurs, and families so that they may thrive within American economic and social systems.


Organization Goals and Objectives

Overall, the USACC Foundation will build the capacity of the African immigrant business sector in America with the following specific objectives:

  • New and established businesses will increase their knowledge of and access to the emerging African market and the immense purchasing power of African immigrants in the United States.
  • African Chambers of Commerce will have increased resources for their efforts to improve and strengthen their operations.
  • African entrepreneurs will have increased access to information and support for their business activities.
  • African entrepreneurs will develop their leadership and entrepreneurial skills
  • African businesses and African Chambers of Commerce will expand their knowledge about trade and other economic development opportunities.



Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty honored various sponsors of the upcoming 2008 Schedule of Multicultural Marketing Conferences and Special Events to be held at the Saint Paul RiverCentre in 2008. These conferences and special events focus on the U. S. Asian-American, African-American, Hispanic and Emerging African markets Nationally, regionally and locally. The first conference was the 4th annual Multicultural Marketing Midwest Conference that was held on March 13, 2008 at the Saint Paul RiverCentre. The conferences and special events are produced by St. Paul based, Aguilar Productions. Sponsors honored include, American Family Insurance, U. S. Bank, African Chamber of Commerce, Minnesota Twins, Centennial Mortgage and Funding, The City of St. Paul, and the African News Journal. The ceremony took place on March 13rd, at the Governor’s Reception room at the State Capitol. Governor Pawlenty thanked the sponsors for offering the Minnesota Business Community the opportunity to come to the conference and learn more about the Multicultural markets and how to market to these fast growing consumer segments. The Governor also mentioned that these multicultural groups have added much to the economy of Minnesota and will do so in the future.

We are aSignificant Presence!

The United States African Chamber of Commerce (USACC) is developing a significant presence through its model for economic and political leadership.

This model includes a national network of African chambers and business and trade organizations that work cohesively to promote the interests of the growing African immigrant community at national and at local levels.

It encourages the development of new chambers and offers support, assist ance, and a nonprofit economic development chamber model based on the African Chamber of Commerce in Minnesota, that can be adapted for local needs.

The USACC, in coordination with its affiliate partners, works toward the following key goals:

1)The growing United States African immigrant community will have national representation on issues of economic development.

2)Locally, African immigrants will have access to economic development services and advocacy that will strengthen their businesses, increase their economic success and sel f-sufficiency, and help them to become better integrated within mainstream economic and social systems.

3)Mainstream organizations will have access to current and accurate information about the Emerging African Market, the community’s economic development needs, and opportunities for partnership that will benefit all.

4)Opportunities to promote international business and trade with Africa will be facilitated.