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African Chamber of Commerce


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Mission Statement
" To foster African Economic Development to create sustain prosperithy and strengthen America "

The USACC mission is accomplished by the following:

  • Implementing and strengthening national programs that assist the economic development of African firms;
  • Increasing business relationships and partnerships between the corporate sector and African-owned businesses;
  • Promoting international trade between African businesses in the United States and African Continent;
  • Monitoring legislation, policies and programs that affect the African business community;
  • Providing technical assistance to African business associations and entrepreneurs.
  • U.S. African Vendor Directory

Created by the USACC Procurement Council in furtherance of its mission to advance African-owned businesses, this state-of-the art international database provides comprehensive African supplier data on a network of thousands of African-owned businesses, through the USACC’s membership base of over 215 African Chambers of Commerce in the U.S., Africa & Middle East. The African Vendor Directory is a one-stop shop for members looking to identify qualified African businesses.


U.S. Bank and USACC have partnered to create ¡Capital!, a first-of-its-kind, strategic, loan program aimed at lending more than one billion dollars over the next five years to small businesses in high-growth African markets nationwide. U.S. Bank will provide referral payments to the chambers for every loan that is booked through the program. ¡Capital! provides a substantial new revenue and membership stream for local African chambers as well as a source of new customers for U.S. Bank. Uniquely designed, the program could generate more than $7 million in funding to USACC local chambers over a multi-year period based on referral fees paid by U.S. Bank. The referral fee is returned to the referring chamber as a percentage of each loan, line of credit, or lease that is booked in the program.

Chamber Training Seminars

Maximizing Performance for Economic Success” is the name of the USACC’s regional chamber training initiative specifically designed for chamber executives and chamber presidents. The seminars will be held for three days with a focus on the areas of leadership and management training, institutional organizational development, and growth and management. The trainings are conducted by the Institute for Organizational Training and Development, and Career, Growth and Management Consultants.

Federal Procurement Council

The recently established USACC Federal Sector Procurement Council was created to address the needs of the African business community with respect to federal procurement opportunities. The nine-member council works to implement effective strategies that will increase the number and dollar amount of federal contracts awarded to African businesses. The council will also monitor other issues of importance to the African business community.

International Trade

The USACC is committed to building business relationships with its counterparts in Africa. As a part of those efforts, the USACC hosts a Trade Mission with U.S.-based African businesses in order to help them better understand the feasibility of expanding beyond our borders into a country where a thriving economy and other incentives have attracted many U.S. based corporations and businesses. To date, the USACC will led trade missions to Africa

Procurement Networking Seminars

The Networking Seminars are a part of an ongoing effort by the USACC and Partner Corporations/Company to foster the growth and development of the African business community. The Networking Seminars are designed to generate real sales opportunities for certified African (minority) businesses through exclusive procurement opportunities for African suppliers to meet corporate buyers. The USACC continues to host these seminars through the country and at its annual national convention.

Procurement Council

The USACC Private Sector Procurement Council was formed in the year 2007 to establish procedures for training local African Chamber affiliates and corporate partners to focus on ways to increase utilization of African vendors in their procurement/supplier diversity programs. The procurement council is comprised of senior executives from Fortune 500 companies and each representative is charged to help create procurement opportunities for African business owners.