Corporate Sponsorship

: $10,000 annual dues

In partnership with our Corporate Members we will achieve the following goals:

  • Increase business and economic opportunities for the African and associated business communities;
  • Identify meaningful initiatives that draw upon the strengths of our corporate partners and the connections of theUSACC with Africans in the U.S. and abroad;
  • Develop targeted access and linkage to the African market and associated consumer market
  • Utilize our joint business and legislative contacts for the mutual benefit of the partnership;
  • Provide significant, measurable business networking opportunities in the domestic and international arenas;
  • Provide sustainable and continuous support of our common goals for economic development for the African community.

Corporate Partner Benefits:

  • Opportunity to work with the USACC to develop individualized initiatives/programs to assist Corporation’s business objectives.
  • Opportunity for the Corporate Partner to advertise and/or=2 0contribute feature articles on the USACC website.
  • Corporate logo placed on Home Page and Corporate Partners Pages of the USACC website with links to Corporate site.
  • First selection of sponsorship opportunities for USACC events/activities.

Platinum Sponsorship

$5,000 annual dues

Gold Sponsorship

$3,000 annual duesaini

Silver Sponsorship

$1,500 annual dues